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Best Events in Cape Town this Weekend – Bazique Festival

The week has finally arrived where we anticipate one of our favourite events in Cape Town – Bazique!

We are so excited about this event that gives us all the freedom of unrestrained self-expression and we all get to share this amazing space together.

events in Cape Town

Events in Cape Town

Bazique happens in March every year and is known to be one of the most unique festivals in Cape Town.

This weekend is all about collaborating and sharing our love for all things crazy and colourful. There are no rules here (well, there are a few – but none that tell us who we can and cannot be) and it’s for this reason that we never miss this special event.

events in Cape Town

Focused on some of the best music in Cape Town, both local and international, as well as all kinds of art installations, floating stages and mutant vehicles, Bazique calls on the artist within each of us to come out and play.

6 stages, 9 international DJ’s, 60 Local live bands and Dj’s are all coming together to bring you something otherworldly, spectacular and inspiring.

What to do in Cape Town this Weekend

For those who don’t already know, Bazique has had to move its event to a different venue, due to unforeseen circumstances.

But, before we get upset, there are a few pros to the venue change; the new venue is just outside of Cape Town, making it closer than the previous venue.

This means it’s more accessible and travelling costs are reduced. There is also an amazing lake to swim in and the wonderful organisers have put into place awesome infrastructure, making the venue super safe for us to enjoy.

Mirror Moon Eco-Glitter and Festival Outfits and Accessories

We are trading at Bazique, together with the fabulous FLOCK of course, so pop in for a visit and come get glittered and glammed with us. Our trusty glitter fairies will make sure you’re looking festival ready with our gorgeous glitter and accessories.

events in Cape Town

What makes our glitter so attractive? It’s biodegradable of course, so you are free to prance and dance and frolic in the water, without worrying about leaving a trace, other than your footprints in the sand.

Furthermore, we’ll have loads of essential festival gear like brand new stunning top hats, band hats, parasols, headdresses and super sexy shoulder pads! Come check them out.

For more information about what you can expect to find at our stores, please contact us.

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