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Festival Wear Stalls in Cape Town - Supporting Local Traders

Let’s be honest, there really is no shortage of festival wear stalls in Cape Town and boy are we happy about that!

What makes this extra cool is that the idea that festival wear is only suitable for festivals has left the building ages ago and has been replaced with a “brighter is better” approach that can be embraced every day of the week.

Colour codes and matching patterns are no longer a thing and the fact that its Tuesday is a good enough excuse to wear a feather headdress or boldly bedazzled captain hat.

Festival wear Cape Town

What a time to be alive indeed, when creative expression is rarely frowned upon but rather encouraged and applauded.

Festival Clothing Cape Town

Luckily for us, we have everything we need to explore our own individual fashion sense at our very fingertips.

From hand-made clothing to traditional jewellery and sequenced bodysuits, the only limitation is your imagination.

But, before you go ahead and shop until you drop, have you asked yourself who you’re supporting?

Because as you know, we are all about the planet and as far as we can, we always choose to support small businesses who have the same ethics that we do.

Festival Wear Stalls in Cape Town

So, we have put together a list of festival stalls in Cape Town, some of which have physical stores too, that have the well-being of the planet at heart above all else.

FLOCK Fashion and Accessories - Gypsy Pants Cape Town

Okay, so gypsy pants are not the only treasure that you can find at FLOCK Fashion and Accessories, but if you’re looking for an epic pair of high-waisted bell-bottoms (when last did you even hear that word?), then this is the place to be.

We are talking That 70’s Show kind of flare which you simply cannot find in a normal store anymore.

Festival wear Cape Town

Why do we love FLOCK Fashion and Accessories so much? All of their items are hand crafted and locally made. They also have a physical store Flock Collective which provide shelf and rail space for various local designers to showcase their products.

This means that they not only have an array of incredible items to choose from, but by supporting them, you are supporting the underdogs who are trying to reach their dreams as recognised designers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

Visit their website or their store at 32 Ryneveld Street in Stellenbosch which is home to the Flock brand and several proudly South African brands with a few imported smalls.

Store hours:

Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturdays - 9am - 2pm

Whisper Between Worlds - Bohemian Clothing Cape Town

Whisper Between Worlds will speak directly to any bohemian soul. From maxi dresses to crop tops, jumpsuits and wrap around skirts, if chic is what you do best then this is where you want to be.

Why do we love Whisper Between Worlds? Every single item you see has been designed by the ladies behind the name.

Festival wear Cape Town

They create the patterns, source the materials and do all the sewing themselves while only supporting local trade and providing employment opportunities to disadvantaged homes.

These are the things that make our hearts warm with pride. So, before you head to the nearest mall, think about owning something extra unique, beautifully chic and hand-made love from Whisper Between Worlds.

Makemba Boutique – Festival Accessories

True to their gypsy nature, the owners of Makemba (meaning freedom) spend their lives travelling around the world, keeping their eyes peeled for some of the most unique jewellery you’ve ever seen.

Festival wear Cape Town jewellery

Why do we love Makemba Boutique? They have made it their goal to meet with and encounter as many traditional tribes around the world and to bring the taste of each of their traditions back home for us to experience.

If you love brass, sacred geometry, healing crystals, clothing made with the finest materials or handmade statement macramé jewellery, then Makemba Boutique has everything you need.

Mirror Moon Eco Glitter

What makes us so happy is that, although we have only mentioned three names in this article, there are so many small and local businesses to choose from who are all driven by eco-friendly practices.

Festival wear Cape Town

By supporting local entrepreneurs, you are directly helping someone reach their dreams while contributing less towards the success of corporate companies who care much less about the trace they leave behind.

Remember that Mirror Moon Eco Glitter is completely biodegradable, non-toxic, vegan friendly and cruelty free, making it an essential addition to all your festival outfits.

With various blends and colours available, you can take your pick and you won’t feel guilty about adding some extra sparkle and shine to your everyday look.

For more information about our glitter, custom made captain hats or other festival wear stalls in Cape Town, contact us.