Year End Function Ideas with Mirror Moon Eco Glitter

Choosing between all the different year end function ideas can be tricky, especially when you’re looking for something fun and unique.

But, with Mirror Moon on your side, you now have the opportunity to host a year end function with a shining difference.

Year end function ideas

Year End Function Ideas Cape Town 2019

End of year celebrations is all about coming together and enjoying the company of your colleagues in an informal setting.

This is a time to express gratitude for all the fun experiences and challenges faced throughout the year.

So, this year, let Mirror Moon Eco Glitter provide the perfect scene for colleagues to come together, turn on the shine and share in the fun and creative expression.

Creative Office Christmas Party Ideas

We have various packages which can be tailor made to your company’s needs and budget.

Wondering what exactly it is that we offer? Well, Mirror Moon is comprised of a team of some of Cape Town’s most amazing creative entrepreneurs who spend their time designing, creating, curating and sourcing everything you need to bring colour and shine to your event.

For your private events, we offer the following options as the foundations of your package, with many awesome optional extras which can be added to enhance this unique experience:

Pop Up Glitter Bar

This is the very foundation of what we do. Our glitter bar offers your staff a beautiful glitter bar, equipped with a Hollywood style vanity mirror, along with our entire range of eco glitter, including our very own signature blends.

Our professional glitter artists are there from the start to treat your staff like royalty, while they have their glitter applied in any style and colour combination they choose.

Here, you have the option of adding bindis and face jewels which are the perfect addition to our glitter.

Dress Up Table

Our dress up table offers an array of dress up props ranging from bedazzled top hats and flower crowns to leopard print coats and masks fit for any masquerade.

All of these items have been upcycled, handmade or locally sourced as a way to support local trade and other sustainable practices.

Capture the Moments

What is a year end function without a few hundred photos which capture the memories? We offer two options which include a gorgeous selfie station or a professional photographer.

Our selfie station provides a stunning backdrop and the perfect lighting for the perfect selfie. Your colleagues will be free to use this selfie station throughout the duration of your event.

Our photographer will take professional, high resolution pictures of your staff once they are all dressed up and feeling fabulous.

These images will be professionally edited and provided to you and your colleagues after the event.

Mirror Moon Eco Glitter – Year End Function Ideas

Stop your search for the best year end function ideas and hire us for your upcoming Christmas party - we promise to bring the sparkle and shine!

And remember, our Eco Glitter is made from plants, making it biodegradable, vegan friendly, ocean friendly and non-toxic.

For more information about our packages and how we can tailor make them to suit your needs, please feel free to contact us.