Colossal Hair Dye ~ Sapphire Blue 40ml
Colossal Hair Dye ~ Sapphire Blue 40ml
Colossal Hair Dye ~ Sapphire Blue 40ml

Colossal Hair Dye ~ Sapphire Blue 40ml

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Mirror Moon Eco-Glitter

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Our hair colour is plant based, non-toxic, vegan and cruelty free. As beautiful as the Heart of the Ocean and Dark enough to sink the Titanic! 


Add the right amount of conditioner you will need to cover the desired area of hair into a plastic mixing bowl. Add the pigment powder gradually to the conditioner and mix-- the more you add the more intense the colour you will achieve. If you would like a more subtle colour add less powder or try adding our White Lightening Dye to create a pastel colour. 

We advising using gloves while working with the dye as it can easily stain. To avoid staining your skin, apply a layer of petroleum jelly around your hairline and ears. A brush will also help with applying the dye around the hairline. 

Once your colour is mixed and ready you can begin to apply it to your dry hair. Make sure that the dye is rubbed into the hair evenly for overall cover. If you dying sections of hair we recommend using some tin foil to wrap the hair and keep it away from the parts you do not want to colour.

Let your colour sit for 1 hour. The longer you leave the colour in the longer its vibrancy will last. When you are ready, rinse your hair with cold water until the water runs clean and all the dye is removed. Condition your hair once more, rinse and you are ready to style!

 We promise you will love this product as much as we do! 

*Our hair dye contains the following natural ingredients:

Corn starch, aromatic substance (lavender oil, sage, dill, chamomile, rosemary oil, thee plant) and food dye colorants ( E260, red E124/ green E102, E133, pink E122, yellow E102/orange E102/blue E133).